Give users the 24/7 support they need, while reducing costs by up to 50%

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Supercharge your business support with the help of

Give users the 24/7 support they need, while reducing costs by up to 50%

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What do we do

Almitee is a powerful solution that leverages artificial intelligence to provide round-the-clock support, ensuring that customers always have access to the assistance they need.

Our primary goal has been to help companies relieve their support burden while ensuring that customers receive assistance 24/7, all while reducing support costs by up to 50%.

Different modules are helping you to achieve this result.

How it works?


Setup AI Assistant

Configure your AI assistant with the right resources.


Attach QR code

Attach a unique QR-code to a location or asset. Or implement a chatbot in your online product.


Give support on auto pilot

Users can scan the QR code when having issues and chat with the AI Assistant to get instant feedback.


Analyze chats

Evaluate the assistance provided and refine it to better address future challenges.

You have the flexibility to set up different AI assistants for individual locations or assets, each equipped with a unique trained AI model.

For example, you can configure one AI model for charging station A and another for charging station B, or choose to use the same data set for both.

Or integrate a chatbot into your online product to give users a better support experience.

The AI can be trained with data coming from:

  • websites
  • YouTube videos
  • documents
  • other relevant sources

AI on top of your data

Set up data sources from general to asset level to deliver precise information where it's needed.

  • Data from your website.
  • Upload documents, such as manuals and data sheets.
  • Train from both auditory and visual information from Youtube videos.
  • Type it yourself such as Frequently Asked Questions.

An AI chatbot for your product

Set up an automated chatbot to provide immediate assistance to users on your website or SAAS-product.

Integrate in minutes

Copy past 2 lines of code and you are good to go!

Unique trained AI model

Train the chatbot with it's own unique dataset.

Help users 24/7

Help out your users 24/7 with the content you provide.

Capture screenshots

Enable users to capture screenshots of the issue they encounter.

AI resources
Chatbot example

Almitee helpdesk

Use our helpdesk to have an overview of all reported issues via asset, location or website.

  • Let AI find solutions for reported tickets.
  • Auto assign issues to users.
  • SLA and inbound email configurations.
  • Generate reports with AI.

Give AI support via QR

Give specific AI support across locations and assets by scanning an unique QR code for each item.

Scan QR code

Scan a QR code on your own smartphone.

Chat with AI

Chat with the trained AI model for the scanned asset.

Charging station
Helpdesk QR code
Helpdesk Ticket

Reporting issues via QR

Simplify issue reporting across locations and assets by scanning an unique QR code for each item.

Scan QR code

Report a problem via your own smartphone.

Take picture

Capture a picture of the issue.

Submit issue

The problem will be directed to the appropriate individual.

Get notified

Get notified when the issue is fixed.

Keep an overview of your assets

Get an overview of your assets either on a map or on a 3D render of your own building.

3D render

Pinpoint the location of your asset on a 3D render.


Get an overview where all assets are located on various sites.


Get all assets linked to a specific room.


Get all assets linked to a specific user.

Assets on map
Almitee 3D render

3D mapping of issues

Assign assets and locations on a 3D render to get better insights where issues are located.

  • 3D render of your own site or building.
  • Assign asset and locations.
  • An innovative solution.
  • Render buildings, parking lots and more.
AppStore and PlayStore

Access all data in one place

Almitee is available for download both from the App Store and Google Play Store.


AI Sources
Read more

Find your data now even faster via AI sources

Discover how to find data faster and more efficiently with AI within the Almitee platform. Learn how our AI assistant helps you with source identification and validation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of assets:

  • Laptops, PCs,
  • Charging stations
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • ...

Examples of locations:

  • A room or larger space in a building
  • Outdoor spaces such as parking lots, public areas
  • Soccer stadium
  • ...

We firmly believe that a top-quality product should function flawlessly at any time, and in any location. Count on us to consistently deliver on these essential qualities. Check out Almitee's uptime status.

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