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Printers and copiers

Do you rent or install printers and copiers to businesses? Use Almitee to provide support tailored to the customer using AI.

How does giving auto support on printers work?


Add printer

Add your printer to the Almitee platform and link it to one of your clients.


Link datasources

Upload a manual or add specifications to the knowledge base of the printer.


Give auto support via QR codes

Attach a unique QR code on the printer. Users can now scan the QR code, ask questions if they need help or submit technical problems. Question asked to the AI assistant will be answered by the AI based on all the knowledge it has from the uploaded manual.


Almitee helpdesk

If the question cannot be answered, it will be added to our helpdesk where the support team can manage all reported issues.

Almitee asset option screen

QR codes for printers and copiers

Each printer or copier comes with a unique QR code that, when scanned, offers users multiple support options.

  • Report an issue they have encountered.
  • Chat with an uniquely trained AI assistant.
  • Consult documents such as manuals, datasheets, ...
Almitee asset knowledge base

AI on top of your printer

Configure a unique AI assistant by integrating data sources associated with the printer or copier, enabling it to deliver automated support.

  • Data from your website.
  • Upload documents, such as manuals and data sheets.
  • Train from both auditory and visual information from Youtube videos.
  • Type it yourself such as Frequently Asked Questions.

Your three biggest advantages


Save a lot of time

Make an arrangement with your customers and when having issues, let them scan the QR code prior to contact you directly. 80% of the questions will be able to be solved by the AI eliminating the time wasted answering the same questions over and over again.


Give support 24/7

Almitee AI can give support on printers and copiers 24/07 at no additional cost.


More qualitative support with less resources

Almitee AI can help multiple users at the same time. A minimum amount of resources can be deployed.

Modules fitted for servicing printers and copiers.


Allow people to easily report issues and concerns by scanning QR codes or through incoming emails.

Asset management

Asset management

Efficiently manage, track, and visualize your company's assets.

AI assistant

AI assistant

Let uniquely trained AI assistants provide automated support to users.



Organize, connect, and store essential documents for professional-level support.



Manage multiple organizations with just one account and store all your data on one central platform.

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Gaversesteenweg 108 9820 Merelbeke Belgium