AI assistants are changing the way businesses can provide support to their customers. Thanks to Almitee's AI technology, companies can offer tailored support 24/7 and apply it to specific assets or in specific spaces.

Each assistant can be uniquely trained to handle tasks and queries, ensuring greater efficiency and satisfied customers.

Benefits of dedicated AI assistants

By being able to configure AI assistants applied to a single asset or space, companies can ensure that support is highly relevant and accurate.

This focused approach not only improves the user experience customers receive, but it reduces the workload for support staff significantly.

How can you set up an AI assistant?

Setting up AI assistants with Almitee is very simple.

  • First, add your asset or space to the Almitee platform.
  • Then link different data sources, such as documents, websites or videos, to train the AI.
  • Depending on the size of the documents, processing the data may take a while.
  • Once the AI has recorded everything, it's ready to help your customers with their questions right away.
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Automatic support via QR codes

To offer automated support to customers, it is possible to attach unique QR codes to each asset or space.

Users can easily scan these codes with their smartphones to get instant help from the AI assistant. This quick and easy method ensures that help is always at their fingertips, 24/7.

Analyzing AI assistants

Regularly monitor the performance of your AI assistants to discover improvements. Use feedback and chat analytics to improve AI responses and update training data as needed.

By continuously improving, your AI assistants remain effective and reliable.

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In short, implementing AI assistants for different assets and spaces is a very powerful way to optimize support and improve your customers' user experience.

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