AI Sources

At Almitee, we understand how important it is to be able to find data quickly and accurately. That's why we've introduced AI Sources, a feature that helps you identify the sources used to answer your questions. This makes the process of data verification and validation a lot easier and faster.

How does it work?

When you pose a question to the AI assistant within the Almitee platform, our AI will show up to five sources used to formulate the answer.

These sources can vary from specific web pages to pages from uploaded PDF files, depending on the data sources you've added to your knowledge base.

Benefits of AI Sources

With AI Sources, you can not only find the data you need faster, but also check the accuracy of the information.

This helps not only validate the data, but also train the AI to become even better. By having instant access to the right pages and sources, you save valuable time and increase efficiency.

AI Sources PDF
AI Sources web

An example

Imagine you need a specific report from an uploaded PDF file. With AI Sources, you can directly navigate to the correct page without searching the entire document. Or maybe you need data from a particular web page; AI Sources shows you exactly which page was used, so you can see the context and details.


There is no faster way to find the data you need than with AI Sources. By being able to see the exact sources the AI has used, you can work more efficiently and improve your AI training. Try it today and experience the difference!