Almitee always at hand

The Almitee mobile application gives you access to our full-fledged platform anytime, anywhere. This app is not a slimmed down version, but offers the same powerful features as our web application.

Manage all your clients, view all created tickets and receive push notifications, all from your smartphone.

Access to all data

The Almitee app provides access to all available modules (helpdesk, assets, documents,...) in a single application. This ensures that you can work efficiently anytime, anywhere and do not miss important information.

Supported by AI

Almitee's mobile application is supported by AI, which means you benefit from our smart features that make your job even easier. From automated notifications to the help with troubleshooting, AI helps you give even better support to your customers.

Personalized to your business

Personalize the Almitee app with your company's colors and logo. This not only creates a professional look, but also a recognizable and consistent experience for you and your team.

Almitee Mobile App
Almitee Mobile App

Multiple languages available

The Almitee app is available in multiple languages, so you can easily switch to the language you and your team understand best. This makes using the app even more accessible to everyone.

Frequent updates

Almitee is constantly working to improve the mobile app. Regular updates ensure that you always have the latest features and best performance. Feedback from users is taken seriously to continuously optimize the app.

Free download

The Almitee mobile application is free to download from the App Store and the Play Store. Get all the benefits immediately and improve your support with this powerful tool.