Teaming up for advanced UX development

Almitee is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Odisee University College. Our collaboration focuses on utilizing the University’s User Experience Lab to conduct intensive user and usability tests.

This project aims to significantly enhance the user-friendliness of our application, incorporating advanced tools like screen-based and mobile eye trackers to analyze user interactions and facial expressions.

Why user experience matters

At Almitee, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products. By understanding where users face challenges, we can make targeted enhancements that improve their overall experience.

This collaboration with Odisee University College is a step towards achieving superior user satisfaction by identifying and addressing usability issues in our applications.

Interested in enhancing your product's UX?

If you're looking to elevate the user experience of your product, consider exploring the capabilities of the User Experience Lab at Odisee University College.

Visit their website at for more information on how you can also benefit from their expertise in UX testing and development.