Besides using AI assistants via QR codes for assets and spaces, Almitee also makes it possible to integrate a chatbot on your website or in your SAAS product.

There are already a lot of players that provide chatbot integration, but Almitee offers some advantages over other platforms that we briefly explain in this blog post.

Immediate responses with AI

Almitee's chatbot enables your website or SAAS product to provide immediate answers to user inquiries, enhancing the customer service experience and ensuring that no user query goes unanswered.

Monitor and improve interactions

Chat interactions on the Almitee platform can be monitored and adjusted, enabling continuous improvement in responses to future queries, thus refining the user experience over time.

AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot ticket

Lead generation through user interaction

Users are required to enter their email when interacting with the chatbot, turning every interaction into a potential lead generation opportunity for your business.

Advanced problem reporting

The chatbot not only answers questions but also provides a dedicated form for problem reporting. This automatically generates a support ticket in Almitee's helpdesk, including the option to attach images and additional client information (browser, screen resolution, device, ...) for efficient resolution.

Customizable to fit your brand

Customize the color of the chatbot interface to seamlessly integrate with your website's aesthetic, maintaining brand consistency across your digital presence.

Quick and easy setup

Implementing Almitee's chatbot is a breeze. With just two lines of code, you can have the chatbot up and running on your site in just two minutes, instantly enhancing your site's functionality.

AI retrain
AI Chatbot implementation

Learning and adapting

Almitee's chatbot learns from various sources, including websites, documents, text, and YouTube videos, ensuring that it is always updated with the latest information and can provide relevant and accurate responses.

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