Launch Almitee

Today we are announcing the launch of Almitee! A new innovative support platform that uses artificial intelligence to automate various tasks to save you valuable time.

Why this new platform?

Almitee was formed from a collaboration between Bits N Sites and Revale.

As an IT management company, Bits N Sites comes across the floor of various companies. Providing good support and assistance to customers is one of their crucial tasks in this regard. Although several software packages were deployed for this support, none fully met the expectations of the support team.

Inspired by the idea "what you do yourself, you usually do better" and based on years of practical experience, Bits N Sites decided to develop its own application together with Revale.

An innovative platform for recognized problems

Almitee is a user-friendly and innovative platform designed to solve exhaustive problems that the support team faces on a daily basis.

Report problems after business hours

  • Problem: Problems reported after business hours are not addressed until the next business day.
  • Solution: Almitee AI can operate 24/07 at no additional cost.

Additional resources during busy periods

  • Problem: Additional resources are needed during several busier periods of the year.
  • Solution: AI does not suffer from busy periods. A minimum amount of resources can be deployed.

Knowlegde gaps

  • Problem: Not everyone on the support team has the same knowledge to solve problems.
  • Solution: Trained AI can automatically solve problems with all the knowledge it has.

Repetitive queries

  • Problem: A lot of time wasted by having to solve repetitive queries.
  • Solution: Repeating questions are solved faster because of the knowledge gained.

Inefficient triage

  • Problem: Some problems need to be passed on to specific people on the support team.
  • Solution: AI should not be triaged. The AI provides the solution immediately.

Reported problems in other languages

  • Problem: Problems reported in other languages take a long time to resolve.
  • Solution: AI detects the language in which the problem is reported and offers a response in that language.
AI suggestion
Almitee mobile

"Thanks to the data I added myself in Almitee, the platform gives me different solutions to reported problems. These I can forward directly to the customer. This saves me an enormous amount of valuable time..."

Ruben Verkempinck

What makes us unique?

In addition to providing support via an AI chatbot and an AI-assisted help desk, we also offer asset management and building management.

Companies that need to provide support on assets (printers, charging stations, solar panels, etc.) or within certain locations (business centers, concert halls, etc.) can enable support via QR codes, tailored to that particular asset or location. A user scans the QR code, can report a problem or can chat with a unique AI assistant specific to the scanned object.

Example 1: If a user has a specific question about his charging station/printer/..., he just needs to scan the QR code and chat with the AI assistant to raise and solve his problem.

Example 2: If someone rents an office in a business center and wants to report a problem in the kitchen, he just needs to scan the QR code to report the problem. The problem is then automatically assigned to the right person.

Example 3: If someone rents an office in a business center and does not know how the projector in meeting room A works, by scanning the QR code he can ask for and get help from the AI assistant specific to meeting room A.

Helpdesk QR code

Would you also like to use Almitee?

You can! Sign up for Almitee today and start your free 30-day trial.

We'll contact you a week before the end of the trial to solicit feedback and discuss whether you want to subscribe to Almitee as an early adaptor.

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