What are knowledge bases?

Knowledge bases, are collections of data and information used by our AI assistants to generate answers to problems that customers report. This data can be self-added and managed, and can come from various sources such as:

  • Websites
  • PDF documents
  • FAQs
  • YouTube videos

How do our AI assistants use this data?

Our AI assistants read and learn from all data added on these knowledge bases.

  • URLs of websites are fully searched
  • PDF documents are read in full
  • FAQ texts are analyzed
  • YouTube videos and their transcripts are viewed

This enables our AI to provide detailed and accurate answers.

Different levels of knowledge bases

Almitee allows you to start managing knowledge bases at different levels.

  • Level 1 is for the general chatbot on your website.
  • Level 2 is associated with different models of assets.
  • Level 3 is for specific assets or locations.
  • Level 4 is the deepest level and is used by the helpdesk AI assistant.

The deeper the level, the more data is used from the higher levels and thus the smarter the AI assistant will be.

Knowledge base chatbot
Knowledge base overview

Practical examples

Questions to the chatbot on your website are answered by data configured at level 1 (L1). The chatbot will not use data set at lower levels.

Questions asked to an asset via scanning a QR code are answered by data configured at level 1 (L1), level 2 (L2 - linked asset model) and level 3 (L3 - linked asset)

Overview of knowledge bases

Almitee offers a great overview of all data sources configured across the different knowledge bases. This way, you easily stay in control of the data and knowledge of all your AI assistants.

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