In today's business world, giving support and assistance on equipment standing with customers is of crucial importance.

Almitee introduces a new and powerful system using QR codes combined with each their unique AI assistant, allowing the resolution or relaying of problems to be done much faster and more reliably.

The role of QR codes in asset reporting

QR codes serve as a simple bridge between the physical asset and its digital data.

By scanning a QR code attached to an asset, users can directly report problems, communicate with an AI assistant or open relevant documents (maintenance documents, manuals,...), all facilitated by Almitee's intuitive platform.

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How AI helps with problems

Once a QR code is scanned, the user immediately accesses the asset's unique AI assistant. The user can then describe the problem and the AI will immediately offer additional information or solutions. If necessary, the AI can escalate the problem to the relevant person responsible for it.

Benefits of AI with QR codes

This way of working ensures that the support team is less burdened and that the user in question, if possible, can solve the problem directly themselves. Thus, precious time is saved and the user does not have to wait to proceed.

This also helps in solving some known issues a lot of supportteams are facing:

  • Report problems after business hours: Almitee AI can operate 24/07 at no additional cost.
  • Additional resources during busy periods: AI does not suffer from busy periods. A minimum amount of resources can be deployed.
  • Knowlegde gaps: Trained AI can automatically solve problems with all the knowledge it has.
  • Repetitive queries: Repeating questions are solved faster because of the knowledge gained.
  • Read more about it our post Launch of Almitee.
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